Putney School Field House

2012 Vermont’s Greenest Award Winner – Putney Field House – Submitted by architect William Maclay


Please stay tuned for the 2017 Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards Competition to be announced in December 2017. Applications will become available in early January 2018!

Vermont Green Building Network (VGBN) is the host of the Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards Competition. This statewide competition recognizes exemplary residential and commercial buildings that meet the highest standard of demonstrated energy performance. Winners of the awards are announced at VGBN’s annual Vermont Green Building Gala, where projects are showcased as inspirational, model green buildings in Vermont.

The awards have been designed to recognize buildings based on proven energy performance, helping to create a new standard for environmentally responsible buildings in Vermont. “Last year’s greenest building used about 90% less energy than the regional average for commercial buildings and 80% less than average for residential. It is truly inspiring to see these great examples of low energy intensity buildings in a cold climate like Vermont. The diversity of award winners help us understand what is achievable in reducing the consumption while maintaining comfort and creating beautiful spaces” explains VGBN Board of Directors President, Jennifer Chiodo, who helped to develop the awards.

The Awards:

  • Vermont’s Greenest Building: The lowest demonstrated energy use intensity in Vermont! (both non-residential and residential) 
  • Vermont’s Greener Building: Projects demonstrating energy use intensity below 22 kbtu/sf/yr for non-residential and 15 kbtu/sf/yr for residential
  • Going Green: Projects with energy use intensity’s below 43 kbtu/sf/yr for non-residential and 25 kbtu/sf/yr for residential 
  • People’s Choice Award: Selected by attendees of the Annual Vermont’s Greenest Building Awards Gala 
  • Net Zero Award

Award Categories:

  • RESIDENTIAL: Projects must be located in Vermont, less than 5,000 sf and have at least one year of utility usage data @ 25 kbtu/sf/yr or less.
  • NON-RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL: Project must be located in Vermont and have at least one year of utility usage data @ 43 kbtu/sf/yr or less. Any commercial project can submit.


Submissions must be from a participant involved in the design, construction or ownership/operation of the project.

Learn more about past award recipients: